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About Gil Gibli
Portrait artist Gil Gibli was born in Tel Aviv in 1957. As a youngster, he grew up on a kibbutz in northern Israel. After a stint in the Israeli Navy in 1978, he began to paint. In 1982, Gibli moved to New York and studied painting and drawing at the New York Studio for one year, subsequently continuing his studies in etching and lithography at the Pratt University Graphic Center. Upon graduating from Manhattan's Empire State College in 1987, he joined the prestigious Cartoonists Association. Gibli's first job was as an assistant to syndicated cartoonist Raanan Lurie, while at the same time developing his own unique style of illustration.

Gibli's work has appeared in various publications in Israel and elsewhere but he is probably most closely identified with the Israeli business daily newspaper Globes.

As Globes' house artist, Gibli has developed a technique of monochrome realist portraiture, employing the fine cross-hatching that has become his - and the newspaper's - trademark.

Gibli is the winner of a United Nations cartoon contest. He is also a jazz aficionado, creator of a series of jazz portraits for the famed Blue Note club, and a regular columnist on jazz for Globes. His most recent show was a retrospective of political and news portraits, drawings and caricatures.

The Israel Police Force uses Gibli's services in creating portraits. A Gibli mug shot recently helped trap a killer after it was shown on TV.

Gil Gibli is married and has five children.

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